Hi, I’m Henzel. I would like to tell you about the things I love but it’s a very long list (believe me, I’ve tried). Not really a fan of introductions and stuff, it gets awkward (I know). Anyway, this blog contains everything I fancy about from the adventures with my daughter, fashion inspiration, food travels plus a delightful tad of frippery and occasional bit of happy jujus. Did I just say jujus? 🙂

Anyway, I am residing somewhere in Asia – Philippines to be specific. I am currently working for a brand that brings you summer everyday plus gives you a taste of Brazil once in a while. On the side, I work as a digital content assistant for a company that makes beautiful jewelries. But my full time job is being a mommy to my ball of energy of a daughter.

I like pretty things. I’m into beauty and fashion, but not all the time. I love watching movies and I’m doing my 50 books challenge (wish me luck). Don’t be fooled, I love to eat good food.

So glad that you’ve taken the time to visit this little nook of mine. I hope you find whatever it is that you are looking for and this page makes you smile.




Trying to make people smile since 2010

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