Things are going to happen that are out of your control. There are going to be moments of darkness that go beyond your understanding. Life will push you beyond your ability. It will break you in places you didn’t know you could shatter. It will push you to the edges of sanity and try to destroy you from the inside out. Life will bring storms that make you wonder if you ever really knew how to swim. Or if the sun ever existed.

You will come to that fork in the road of choice and be faced with three .

You can choose to not make a choice. To remain static. To remain broken. To remain in the all too familiar desolate state of pain you have known better than your own name.

You can choose to go down the road of hopelessness. The road where you gave up trying. Gave up believing. Gave up on yourself, on your life, on your story. The road of nothingness. The road of darkness that leads you to even more emptiness and misery.

You can choose to go down the road of hope. The road where you keep trying. Keep believing. Keep trusting in yourself, in your life, in your story. The road of possibility. The road of light that leads to healing, peace, community. The road that leads to a future where better days exist. The road that all though might be long and tiring will lead you to restoration.

You already know my heart. You already know the choice I am screaming with everything in me for you to make. Choose hope. Choose to believe that no matter how dark life has been, no matter how scared you are there is more to your story than pain. There is more to your life and your soul than anguish.

Choose your healing. Choose your peace. Choose your joy. Choose your freedom from the nightmares, the scars, the broken record of your life. Choose love. Choose light. Choose laughter.

Choose to struggle rather than surrender.

I believe in you. I believe in your story. I believe in your life.

I believe that you can overcome whatever and whoever has wounded you. I believe that you are able to rise from the ashes of your past and soar to better days. I believe that you are worth it. You are worth the time, the care, the fight. I believe that you matter so much. That you are irreplaceable. I believe that today can be different. It can be a beginning. I believe that you can heal. That you deserve to heal.

I believe in you. I believe in your story. I believe in your life.

Go towards the road of hope. And keep going.

It gets better,

With so much love,

Dele Olanubi

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