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The Sunday Currently x 07

Halfway through “Searching for Beautiful” by Jennifer Probst. This is the #3 book from her Searching For series. I sometimes suffer separation anxiety after finishing the books that I read. I will miss the girls from Kinections once I am done with these series. I am somewhat grateful for my almost 2 hour travel time to work every morning, so I get to read when I’m the bus (I don’t get dizzy because well, Edsa is such a crawl); then I get some time whenever I wait for the MRT train. I know how commuting is like punishment in the Metro but I have to look for something to grateful for so I keep my sanity. Hahahaha!


Just this blog entry. I have decided that I need to post at least 3x a week. Promised myself that I will write about the horrors that I have encountered while commuting in the metro. Some of them I find funny and some are just plain scary. Can’t wait to write about that.

Found this awesome track via soundcloud. Sharing it with you because it’s amazzziiingg. I mean it.

About my deadlines this week. I have to prepare 5 retail kits for the next two weeks. Also wondering about my upcoming trip on November.

Olivia’s hair scent. I love the smell of my baby at this time of the day. After 5pm, she doesn’t smell like a baby anymore. Ha! And I can smell the remnants of my Kitkat chocolate murders a while ago. Been going a little choco crazy lately.


I have so many things to wish for right now. Like I wish there are 20 trains working rather than 8. Wishing that colourpop is available locally. Wishing for my Visa to get approved.


To survive this week, to finally settle my SSS pending and for my other receivables to arrive.


Still wearing pajamas at this time of the day.


The weekends where I get to play with Olivia more. I get to play counter strike when I need to release some stress. And the fact that I can stay up with Rond and binge watch on some series.


Have you seen colourpop’s ultra matte lipsticks? YES please. Yes oh yes.


To gain weight. I don’t know, I still have this love and hate relationship with food. Sometimes, I eat like I’m part of the football team and the next thing you know I eat like a freaking bird.


Relaxed. I really had a good night sleep last night.


Through random make-up tutorials on Youtube.

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