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Olivia’s Beautiful Birth Story


Born last June 27, 2014, 10:23am at Asian Hospital and Medial Center – a wonderful blessing came to life named Olivia Rose.

She came earlier than we expected. My due date was supposed to be July 16 but she wanted to see the world earlier during her 38th week on my tummy. Right before she was born, I have been going to the hospital almost every other day because I’ve been getting a lot of false labor/false contractions. I didn’t know what to actually feel since it’s only my first pregnancy, I can’t seem to put the pain that I felt into words. I would wake up in the middle of the night as if I was having cramps, then me and my mom would observe it. If the pain lasts for more than hours, they would rush me to the hospital. I can’t even count the times that I got hooked to the baby monitor, where they check your contractions and baby’s heartbeat. My OB-Gyne (Dr. Madrilejo) was already worried because my contractions were getting high but I wasn’t really on labor yet. So he decided to have my pelvic checked just in case. Good thing we decided to go through the Xray because just then we found out that there is no way that I’m going through normal labor. My condition was Cephalopelvic Disproportion.

Cephalopelvic Disproportion, a combination of a large fetal head and a mother’s narrower pelvic structure. This condition is often linked to failure to progress, or dystocia.

I got my results for Cephalopelvic Proportion last June 26 so I decided to schedule my C-section the next day. Good thing we did because Olivia was so ready to come out. Such an eager baby.

We arrived at the hospital around 9:00am, the nurses prepped me up before my surgery. I also got a chance to talk to my anaesthesiologist and she explained the whole procedure to me. The general anaesthesia will only work from my tummy until my toes so I’ll be half awake during the procedure. The hospital also asked for my permission since the DOH employees were there to observe the whole procedure, a requirement for their accreditation. They brought me to the operation room around 10:00am and Dr. Madrilejo was already there. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I was surprised that they had music playing and they even asked me if I have a song request. I can still remember hearing Taylor Swift on the background. I think that helped me stay calm a little bit.

After I received my general anaesthesia, I became numb from tummy down. And they started opening me up.




The procedure was so fast that after 10 mins, I already heard her first cry. It was the most beautiful cry that I have heard in my entire life. Right then, everything made sense and everything was worth it.


I am so glad that Asian Hospital practices “Unang Yakap”. Read more about it on their website. So right after she was clean and dry, the nurse gave Olivia to me for our first skin-to-skin contact.

Aside from the warmth and immediate bonding between mother and child, it has been found that early skin-to-skin contact contributes to a host of medical benefits such as the overall success of breastfeeding/colostrum feeding, stimulation of the mucosa—associated lymphoid tissue system, and colonization with maternal skin flora that can protect the newborn from sepsis and other infectious disease and hypoglycemia.



I also like the fact that she stayed with me until they brought us to our room. Asian Hospital is a breastfeed mom-friendly institution so she had to be with me after 48 hrs and onwards so that I can nurse her when she needs to be fed. <3


Look at my pretty baby and her chubby cheeks. Isn’t she the cutest? It was definitely all worth it. You are worth it, our dear princess.


Dear Olivia,

Life is a gift; it is not something owed to us, but rather given to us. Cherish the gift of life, your life and the lives of others.

The Lord breathed air into your lungs because you were meant to make a difference in this world. Never doubt your purpose and always seek to live intentionally for heaven.

Life is short, and Dad and I will not always be around, but if you have God in the center of your life, He will be enough for you…enough to satisfy every longing of your heart. Let your us love you the best we can, but let your Heavenly Father pour His love and mercy upon you even more. When you are hungry for food, mom and dad will always feed you, but if you feel like something is missing or you feel empty, run to the Lord to feed your soul. When people break your heart, or walk out of your life, when you feel abandoned and alone, know that God is ALWAYS enough for you. You may feel lonely at times, but you are NEVER alone. God is always with you, I will say it again, He is ALWAYS enough! In a world that looks so huge, and you wonder who notices you, God always notices you, is always fighting to be with you. Allow Him to love you.

And if there is anything I can stress the most– pray. Prayer is powerful and it saved our lives during your birth. Make everyday a conversation with God. Tell him your thoughts and feelings, but never forget to praise Him for whatever happens in your life, even the things you don’t understand.

You may think doing all the things I listed here is impossible, but I only ask you to try, to ask God to help you and to strive to be the woman God created you to be. You deserve the best that life has to offer my beautiful daughter!

We love you!

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